Crimsafe - Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of having Crimsafe Security Screens installed?

·         Enhanced Security: Crimsafe Screens provide a strong physical barrier to deter burglars and protect your property.

·         Insect Protection: They keep out flies, mosquitos and other pests while allowing fresh air to flow. (Does not keep out small midges)

·         Weather Resistance: Crimsafe Screens can withstand harsh weather conditions and are corrosion resistant.

·         UV Protection: They block harmful UV rays, protecting your interiors from sun damage.

·         Energy Efficiency: They help with insulation, reducing heating and cooling costs.

·         Improved Aesthetics: Crimsafe Screens are sleek and can complement your home’s design.

How does Crimsafe work? Crimsafe Security Screens are made from a high-strength 304 structural grade stainless steel mesh that is tightly woven to create a strong barrier. The mesh is attached to a specially designed frame, and the entire system is secured using Crimsafe’s patented screw-clamp technology.

Are Crimsafe Screens suitable for all types of windows & doors? Crimsafe offers a wide variety of screen types and configurations to fit different window and door styles. Our Crimsafe screens are locally made to measure to they can be customized to meet specific needs.

Can I see through Crimsafe Security Screens clearly? Yes, you can see through Crimsafe screens clearly from the inside-out. They provide excellent visibility while maintaining security & protection. What about privacy and stopping visibility into the home? During the day, Crimsafe Screens do slightly prevent visibility into the home from afar, however, at night with interior lighting, people could still see through the Crimsafe Screens.

Do Crimsafe Screens come with Warranty? Yes, Crimsafe offers a warranty on all their products, which varies depending on the specific product. Crimsafe back their products strength and durability with a 10-year warranty as Standard, for additional peace of mind you can extend your warranty up to 12 years with online registration of your purchase. Crimsafe Ultimate comes with a 15-year warranty. Click here to view Crimsafe’s warranty and care guide.  

Can Crimsafe be used in coastal or high-corrosion environments? Yes, if you care for your Crimsafe Screens per the care instructions, your Crimsafe will withstand these harsh environments. Crimsafe has been tested for 3,000 hours for its corrosion resistance with salt-spray and prohesion accelerated tests.

Are Crimsafe Screens Cyclone Resistant? Yes, Crimsafe Ultimate meets the cyclone region C and region D standard, protecting from debris up to 392km/h.

Are Crimsafe Screens & Doors suitable for commercial properties? Yes, Crimsafe screens are both suitable to commercial and residential properties. They provide an added layer of security for businesses, offices, and store fronts.

Are Crimsafe Screens easy to maintain? Crimsafe Screens are low maintenance. If you live by the coast there are more slightly specific cleaning regimens. Generally, a wipe over with a non-abrasive cloth using Crimsafe Stain Clean or Wash & Wax will keep your screens looking like new.