Still have a few questions or concerns with our product range or some of our services? Still on the fence about the Crimsafe product line? We’ve answered a few of the main questions we receive which may be able to help you.

Crimsafe’s advanced technology, such as the unique Screw-Clamp, makes our products the strongest on the market. Crimsafe’s mesh is proven to be stronger than any of their competitors’ and exceeds the Australian Standards of impact levels. Crimsafe guarantee their products can absorb much more impact than other security screen products on the market.

Crimsafe is a long-term investment for your home, giving you peace of mind for the safety and security of you and your family. As the market leader in security screens, windows and doors, Crimsafe guarantees quality, stylish and functional product. When you choose Crimsafe, you’re also investing in a high quality installation and custom fit out.

Though you may find a cheaper price point for security screens, Crimsafe can guarantee one thing which other products might fail to provide—the safety of your home from intruders. For a quote on Crimsafe’s product line, contact Boony’s Screens today.

The aforementioned Screw-Clamp technology makes Crimsafe products far more superior in terms of strength and security than other products currently available. Crimsafe’s mesh is held in place and clamped down with a vice-like grip compared to the use of a plastic wedge with other products. This means Crimsafe’s screens and doors can endure large amounts of impact without collapsing or being kicked in.

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